AS/A2 Level

A wide range of resources can be accessed through these interactive schemes of work

Please note that the resources below are related to the old specifications and are not being updated.

Core Mathematics

These schemes of work were developed through the Gloucestershire Maths Advisory Team. They are designed to enhance the teaching and learning of the Core Mathematics units. Each section links to a huge array of free resources, and includes suggested 'Success For All' and 'Bring on the Maths' activities. The schemes are Word documents so you can print them off if you want to. Please read the explanatory notes first in order to make the most of this fantastic package.

Please note that you will (probably) need to be using Internet Explorer and Microsoft Word for the links to work correctly.

Applied Mathematics

Schemes of work for the other Mathematics units are provided here.

Use of Mathematics

Also included, though not in an interactive format, are these Schemes of work and schedules for AS 'Use of Maths'.