Assessment: Key Stage 4

Building on the approach in Key Stage 3

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'Build-a-Mathematician' (BAM) Progress Tracking

Our suite of assessment materials - based on the Kangaroo Maths BAM Indicators - is intended to be used alongside our schemes of work. The structure for building a picture of a mathematician is listed on the overview page of each scheme of work. The following document summarises key information from all the stages.

BAM Progress Tracker sheets enable pupils to be part of the effective tracking of key conceptual indicators that underpin progression in mathematics. The Stage 9 version is listed both here and in the Key Stage 3 section.

'Build-a-Mathematician' (BAM) Tasks

Assessment tasks to support the process of building a picture of a mathematician. These BAM tasks are ideal to consolidate intended learning, support deliberate practice sessions and/or use as homework tasks. The carefully crafted questions have been designed to assess fluency, reasoning, problem solving and a student's ability to apply their understanding. One further question will always focus on a misconception. The Stage 9 tasks are listed both here and in the Key Stage 3 section.

Stage 9

Stage 10

Thanks to colleagues from Isambard, Kingsdown, Commonweal, Lydiard Park, Dorcan, St Joseph's, Ridgeway and Churchfields Schools for contributing to these resources.

Stage 11

GCSE TestBank

These documents contain test questions based closely on the AQA specimen assessment materials published in June 2015. They are a different style of assessment from those in our KS3 Assessment Packages. Current coverage is the first half of two schemes of work:

  • Stage 9: For students following Stage 9 in Key Stage 4
  • Stage 10: For students following Stage 10





Please note that the resources below are related to the old GCSE specifications and are not being updated.

Grade Buster

Five questions a day will keep you mathematically healthy! Focusing on fluency, reasoning and problem-solving, these sets of questions are based on key topics and organised by GCSE grade.

Grade A

Grade B

Grade C

Grade D

Homework Sheets

Designed as formal homeworks to track progress against the grade descriptions at grade A, these complement the ¿Convinced? resource which exists for Levels 3 to 8. Self-assessment opportunities are included - see the Maths handbook for more details. These also form part of the interactive schemes of work.

Grade A

'Make the Grade' Tests

Grade Descriptors

Renewed versions - for teaching from September 2010