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Bring on the Maths

The full list of 'Bring on the Maths' sample activities can be found here. Those based on Algebra are listed below.

Maths to Infinity

The full list of 'Maths to Infinity' files can be found here. Those based on Algebra are listed below.

Autograph Resources

The full list of Autograph resources can be found here. Those based on Algebra are listed below.

Skills Builder

Looking for some deliberate practice of algebra skills? Look no further as AET have provided the following:

Other Resources

Other free resources are listed here. All of these are referenced in the relevant scheme of work.

  • Equations: Some useful templates and ideas for solving equations and manipulating expressions
  • Equations: Solving two-step equations
  • Equations: Using the Fibonacci sequence to create and solve equations
  • Equations: A spreadsheet to be used with the above idea involving 'Fibonacci equations'
  • Expressions: The notation and conventions of algebra
  • Expressions: Substituting into expressions
  • Expressions: Introducing multiplying out brackets through number patterns
  • Expressions: What is wrong with these attempts at multiplying out brackets?
  • Expressions: Simplifying expressions using the laws of indices
  • Formulae: Substituting into scientific formulae
  • Graphs: Lines parallel to the axes
  • Graphs: Matching linear graphs activity
  • Graphs: A screenshot challenge
  • Real-Life Graphs: Conversion graphs
  • Real-Life Graphs: A 'decsribe the race' activity based on the hare and the tortoise story
  • Sequences: Generating sequences using a spreadsheet, but without a spreadsheet
  • Sequences: Using a spreadsheet to construct sequences
  • Sequences: Growing patterns